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Infrastucture Engineer, PowerShell Developer, WinOps and Automation

  1. Where has my Application been Deployed to?

    First off, welcome to my blog. As my blog develops you will see i’m always looking for a way to do things a bit quicker and hopefully easier! So some background. I work for a medium size company using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 with many applications from in-house developed to 3rd party. Our software library is separated into folders of application suppliers, i.e. Microsoft, Adobe. Many of these applications have some weird and wonderful suppliers...…

  2. App-V - Removal on Mass with PowerShell !

    App-V, What is it ? Well, Microsoft Application Virtualization is an application virtualization and application streaming solution from Microsoft. To break that down a bit more, a App-V application does not make changes directly to the underlying operating system’s file system and/or Registry, but rather is contained in an application-specific “bubble”. So this can be an excellent way to deploy applications to users within your company. As a SCCM Administrator, the general involvement with applications is...…