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ScriptRunner Version 2019R2: PowerShell scripting for teams with self-service

ScriptRunner is an automation and delegation solution that uses PowerShell. This article builds on Timothy Warner’s excellent introduction to ScriptRunner and focuses on the new features now available.

ScriptRunner was a product I had heard much about, but had not yet used. The application was first created back in 2013 and has been gradually gaining traction ever since. In the past 18 months, it has grown into a viable product for companies. When you open the ScriptRunner admin app, its clean, slick design is the first indication of why it is popular.

Taking advantage of one of the new features, Support for Windows Server 2019, you can install ScriptRunner. You can now download the application without having to participate in a live demo first. It is expected, though, that you fill out a form before you are given a download link to a 30-day trial evaluation. I won’t go into further detail on the install itself, as Timothy described this in his article.

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